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 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Czech Republic10 
 Dominican Republic
 Faroe Islands
 FYROM - Rep. of Macedonia
 Slovak Republic28 
 South Africa11 
 United Kingdom153 
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Cracow University of Economics (CUE)
Department of Management Process

 Contact details
Contact personDr Slawomir Wawak
assistant professor 
Streetul. Rakowicka 27 
Address 31-510 - Kraków (Poland) 
Phone+48 501 797 557 
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 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)250+ 
Organisation TypeSecondary or higher education establishment 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Other social sciences
» Other formal sciences
» Business and Management
» Other applied sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
Areas of interest: quality management, information technology, management systems design and development

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Since 2007 is an assistant professor in Process Management Chair in Cracow University of Economics. Earlier, since 1999, he has been an assistant. Scientific interests of Slawomir Wawak concern on issues of: quality management, human resources management, information security management systems, management aiding systems, process approach,design and improvement of management systems. Slawomir Wawak is an author of over 60 books, articles and research work.
He is a management consultant since 2001. He cooperates with consulting firms like KEMA Quality Poland, Krakow Quality Institute, Academy of Quality, Anacco or GFA Consulting Poland. He advise in the scope of analysis and design of management systems, quality management, information management and HRM. He has great experience in advising to enterprises and public administration offices.
Since 1995 he runs the Encyclopedia of Management, which contains over 3000 articles on management and related subjects. It is the greatest management portal in Poland, and one of greatest in the World.
More information is available here: http://wawak.pl.
 Research Activities

 EU Framework Programme related activities:
» Changing role of knowledge throughout the economy
» Structural changes in the knowledge economy and society
» How indicators are used in policy
» Developing better indicators for policy
» Use of indicators and related approaches for the evaluation of research policies and programmes
» Wide socio-economic foresight on key challenges
» Focused thematic foresight

 Project participation
Project #1
Project TypeNational
Project TitleImprovement of organizational structures of entrerprises in knowledge based economy
Acronym1H 02D 07130
Specific ThemeImprovement of organizational structures of entrerprises in knowledge based economy
Project websitenone
CoordinatorProf. dr hab. Adam Stabryła
Project #2
Project TypeNational
Project TitleInformation security management impact on quality of management
AcronymN N115 010638
Specific ThemeInformation security management impact on quality of management
Project websitenone

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
Partner in 10 other projects provided by Department of Management Process and financed by Cracow University of Economics since 1999 to 2011.

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