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 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Czech Republic10 
 Dominican Republic
 Faroe Islands
 FYROM - Rep. of Macedonia
 Slovak Republic28 
 South Africa11 
 United Kingdom153 
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ZSI-Zentrum für Soziale Innovation (Centre of social innovation) (ZSI (CSI))
Research policy & development

 Contact details
Contact personDr. Klaus Schuch
Business manager, senior researcher 
StreetLinke Wienzeile 246 
Address 1090 - Wien (Austria) 
EmailShow Email
Social Media004314950442-40
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)51-250 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Other humanities
» Area studies
» Cultural studies
» Economics
» Gender and sexuality studies
» Political science
» Psychology
» Sociology
» Other social sciences
» Education (incl. training, pedagogy, didactics)
» Public affairs
» Other applied sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
Research, consulting, network coordination and educational training as parts of applied scientific competences

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Running and completed projects:

* Evaluierung des Experiencing Europe-Projekts (2010, project leader)
* IncoNet CA/SC: S&T International Cooperation Network for Central Asian and South Caucasus Countries (2010)
* Indikatoren zur Messung der Internationalisierung von Wissenschaft und Forschung (2009, project leader)
* ERAWATCH Österreich (2009, project leader)
* Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening of Science and Research in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2009)
* ERA.NET RUS - Linking Russia to the ERA: Coordination of MS´/AC´ S&T programmes towards and with Russia (2009)
* WINS-ICT Western Balkan countries INCO-NET Support in the field of ICT (2009)
* Büro für EU-Mexiko Wissenschafts- und Technologiekooperation UEMEXCYT II (BILAT-MEX) (2008)
* BILAT-RUS: Ausbau der bilateralen Forschungszusammenarbeit mit Russland (2008)
* BILAT-UKR: Enhancing the Bilateral S&T Partnership with Ukraine (2008)
* GLOBAL - Global Linkage Over BroadbAnd Links (2008)
* Österreichisch-Russische Forschungs- und Wissenschaftskooperation (2008)
* EULAKS - Connecting Socio-Economic Research on the Dynamics of the Knowledge Society in the European Union and Latin American and Caribbean Countries (2008)
* Study CEEPUS (2008, project leader)
* IncoNet EECA: S&T International Cooperation Network for Eastern European and Central Asian Countries (2008)
* SEA-EU-NET: Facilitating the Bi-Regional EU-ASEAN Science and Technology Dialogue (2008)
* WBC-INCO.NET (2008)
* Evaluation von UNIDOs strategischem Forschungsprogramm COMPID (2007, project leader)
* Evaluation des Grundlagenforschungsprogramms an Hochschulen in Russland (2007, project leader)
* Wissenschaftliche Begleitung des Projekts Reform of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in Kosovo (2007, project leader)
* The South Eastern Europe Regional Tertiary Eduation and Research Project (2007)
* CIR-CE: wissenschaftliche Begleitung (2007)
* Jugend Innovativ (2006, project leader)
* Steering Platform for the West Balkan Countries (2006)
* Akademische Berufsausbildung: SOQUA (2006)
* Fachlich-technische Konsulenz für die Österreichische Entwicklungszusammenarbeit im Bildungsbereich (2006, project leader)
* Beratung bei der Erstellung der Sektorprogrammleitlinien Bildung für die OEZA (2006, project leader)
* see-science.eu Information Office (2006)
* Monitoring des KK-Projekts Tourismusausbildung in Südosteuropa (2006, project leader)
* Local Performance Indicators for Active Employment Policies Implementation (2006)
* PRO-ACT: Practical Regional Innovation Policy in Action (2006)
* Monitoring der Projekte Unterstützung der Höheren Bildung in Serbien und Montenegro, Kosovo und Bosnien-Herzegowina 2005 bis 2007 (2005, project leader)
* Projektidentifikation Arbeitsmarktpolitik Moldau (2005, project leader)
* TEP_Equal_ELDERLY (2005)
* IS2WEB - Extending Information Society Networks to the Western Balkan Region (2005)
* Ausarbeitung eines Kooperationsprogramms mit der SS. Kiril and Metodij Universität in Skopje (2005, project leader)
* CIR-CE - wissenschaftliche Begleitung (2005, project leader)
* Monitoring des Projekts Landwirtschaftsschulen in Moldau (2005, project leader)
* Monitoring des KulturKontakt-Projekts AGRI-AL II (2005, project leader)
* Monitoring des Projekts ECO-NET III (2005, project leader)
* Monitoring von TourReg (2005, project leader)
* Schwerpunkte in Forschung und Entwicklung in Ländern Südosteuropas (2005, project leader)
* Monitoring des Projekts Implementierung des neuen Universitätsstatutes der Universität Prishtina sowie begleitender Rahmenbedingungen des kosovarischen Universitätsgesetzes (2004, project leader)
* SEE-ERA.NET (2004)
* Koordinationsstelle des ASO Brno (2004)
* Monitoring des Projekts National Information Contact Point for FP6 in Bosnia-Herzegowina (2004, project leader)
* Monitoring der Projekte Unterstützung der Höheren Bildung in Serbien und Montenegro, Kosovo und Bosnien und Herzegowina 2004/2005 (2004, project leader)
* Koordinationsstelle der Austrian Science and Research Liaison Offices in Sofia und Ljubljana (ASO Sofia und ASO Ljubljana) (2004)
* Lessons learnt aus STRAPAMO I (2004, project leader)
* INTAS Evaluation (2004, project leader)
* Business Administration for SMEs: The Role of Social Innovations in the Service Economy. (2004, project leader)
* The Position of the Russian Federation in the European Framework Programme for RTD (2004, project leader)
* Monitoring des Projektes Reorganisation und Reform der Universität von Kosovska Mitrovica (2004, project leader)
* Monitoring der 2. Phase des Projekts Women Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria (2003, project leader)
* Monitoring des Projekts Women Entrepreneurship in Bulgaria (2003, project leader)
* Bildungssektorprogramm Mazedonien (FYROM) (2003, project leader)
* Bildungssektorprogramm Albanien (2003, project leader)
* Bildungssektorprogramm Kosovo (2003, project leader)
* Monitoring des Projektes Unterstützung für die Höhere Bildung an der Ss. Kiril and Metodij Universität in Skopje, Mazedonien (2003, project leader)
* Business Start-up Centre für Universitätsabsolvent/innen an der Universität Tuzla in Bosnien-Herzegowina (2003, project leader)
* ININ - Terms of Reference Framework for an INTAS Information Network (2003, project leader)
* Aufbau eines Informations- und Beratungssystems für die Teilnahme Bosnien und Herzegowinas am 6. Europäischen Rahmenprogramm für Forschung, technologische Entwicklung und Demonstration (2003, project leader)
* Monitoring des Projekts AGRI-AL (und dessen Anschlussprojekt AGRI-AL II) (2002, project leader)
* Recognising Central and Eastern European Centres of RTD: Perspectives for the European Research Area (ERA) - RECORD (2002, project leader)
* Universitätsbibliothek Shkodra (2001, project leader)
* Entrepreneurship in Sofia and Vratsa (2001, project leader)
* Beratung bei der Abwicklung von ESF - Ziel 3 Projekten (2001, project leader)
* Auswahl und Evaluierung von Projekten im Rahmen der Ost-Zusammenarbeit Österreichs in MOEL (1996, project leader)
 Research Activities

 EU Framework Programme related activities:
» Changing role of knowledge throughout the economy
» Structural changes in the knowledge economy and society
» Strengthening policy coherence & coordination in Europe
» Regional, territorial and social cohesion
» Demographic changes
» Interactions & interdependences between world regions
» Participation and citizenship in Europe
» How indicators are used in policy
» Developing better indicators for policy
» Use of indicators and related approaches for the evaluation of research policies and programmes
» Wide socio-economic foresight on key challenges
» Focused thematic foresight
» Research systems and research policies in Europe
» Blue sky research on issues affecting European S&T
» Mutual learning and co-operation

 Project participation
Project #1
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleConnecting Socio-Economic Research on the Dynamics of the Knowledge Society in the European Union and Latin American and Caribbean Countries
Specific ThemeHorizontal Measures to Support International Co-operation (SSH-2007-8.2)
Project websitehttp://www.eulaks.eu
CoordinatorDirk Johann
Project #2
Project TypeFP6
Project Titleinnovative, inclusive, interactive & intercultural learning campus
Specific ThemeeLearning
Project websitehttp://www.icamp.eu/
CoordinatorBarbara Kieslinger
Project #3
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleWestern Balkans International Cooperation Network
Specific ThemeFP7 - Capacities - International Cooperation
Project websitewww.wbc-inco.net
CoordinatorElke Dall
Project #4
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleEnhancing Evidence Based Policy-Making in Gender and Migration
Project websitehttp://www.gemmaproject.eu/
CoordinatorMaria Schwarz Wölzl (ZSI internal coordinator)
Project #5
Project TypeFP7
Project TitleSouth-East European ERA-NET PLUS
Project websitewww.see-era.net
CoordinatorMartin Felix Gajdusek
Project #6
Project TypeOther (International)
Project TitleAccess to Higher Education
Project websitehttp://www.equnet.info/
CoordinatorAndreas Bohonnek (ZSI internal coordinator)

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
ZSI is involved in more than 20 projects funded under FP7 and has successfully implemented a series of FP6, FP5 and FP4 funded projects previously. It is also engaged in many projects funded nationally, as well as in projects funded by foreign donors and international organisations (such as UNESCO, World Bank, UNIDO, ILO etc.).

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