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University of La Rioja

 Contact details
Contact personMrs Ana Vanesa Valero-García
Assistant Professor 
StreetLuis de Ulloa, 2 
Address 26004 - Logroño (Spain) 
Phone+34 941299314 
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 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)26-50 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Psychology

 Brief description of your activity focus
I study infant and child development. I investigate the developmental links existing between multiple cognitive, emotional and motor levels.

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
One of the aspects of my research career I would emphasize is to have obtained a PhD in Developmental
with mention of ‘European Doctorate’. This kind of doctorate is very recent at the University of Murcia. My thesis
the first one with this format in the Faculty of Psychology. The European Doctorate involves submitting two
from European researchers who know my research work. Professor B. Brill (L’École des Hautes Études, Paris,
and Dr. F. Deconick (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) reviewed my thesis and assessed it positively. I have
gained benefit in my career as researcher from the mobility to different universities and labs. I got a grant to go
the Free University of Amsterdam with Professor G. Savelsbergh. During my staying in his lab I had the chance to
participate in some of the ongoing research projects. Thus, and as a result of this collaboration, we presented a
poster in the ‘II International Congress of Complex System in Sport’ and we have published a scientific paper about
anticipatory reaching in occlusion situations. I also got another grant to go to the University of Tennessee with
Professor D. Corbetta. I collaborated in the projects that the Master and PhD students were carrying out and I
participated in a project on visual attention in young children. As a result of the work done there during this
we have several publications (e.g., a book chapter) and participations in relevant scientific conferences (e.g.,
During those years I have been able to participate in an active way in the elaboration of two research projects,
providing ideas for them that emerged from the review work done for my PhD Thesis and from direct observations
the children’s behaviors in the lab. I try to be always updated about new research ideas, and latest scientific
results in
cognitive and developmental psychology. I participated in the elaboration of a report to ask for infrastructure for
Faculty of Psychology, coordinating different research groups. This project implied to have several meetings with
main researchers of different research groups of the University of Murcia. Although I have to dedicate energy and
to coordinate this project, as I have to put together the different ideas that we had proposed. We could submit a
competitive proposal, and got the budgets for acquiring a motion capture system for the Faculty of Psychology.
Furthermore, in the last two years I have been organizing the evaluation tasks in the lab, being highly systematic
the proceeding to follow in each of the studies we are developing and supervising undergraduate students who
collaborate in the recording sessions. The coordination of COEDUCA project is other of the activities that better
reflects my management and leadership skills. As I mentioned in the previous section, I had not only to train the
testers to be able to administer the tasks, but my main work was to carefully supervise their work. This meant
repeated visits to educational centers to ensure that the work plan was developing, as it should, and establishing
maintaining a good relationship with the staff of the schools. I also kept them informed of possible incidences that
occurred in other universities so that we don’t make the same errors, and I was taking as a referent to solve any
problem. I considered that I reached the objectives of my work, controlling at every moment the smallest detail,
solving doubts, devoting time and effort to the different activities, being assertive and close to them. I think that
it is
very important to establish and maintain a close relationship based on the respect to others’ ideas and work, which
may represent different opinions and all should be considered, and finally selecting the most effective in the
Teaching domain has provided me the opportunity to be able to pay attention to others’ needs and motivations.
And it
is has been especially determinant the fact that I have been involved with students, which have a different
level which implies sometimes to precisely define our own way of thinking in the scientific domain and to confront
questions that are usually taken for granted. This has offered me the opportunity of thinking of developmental
psychology from a more applied perspective and this means to find more sense to what we do in the lab. To be
able to
organize groups, to coordinate them, to get the most of each of them has been a challenge and a pleasure. It
that the students were happy with my work, and so was the college, so that I got the post of coordinator of the
subject and tutor for next academic course.
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