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Center for Urban Studies (CUS)

 Contact details
Contact personProf. Dr. Murat Güvenç
StreetIstanbul Sehir Uni. West Campus,Oymacı Sokağı No.15 
Address 34662 - Üsküdar- Istanbul (Turkey) 
Phone+90 4444 034 
EmailShow Email
Social Media+90 216 474 53 53
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)1-10 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» History
» Geography
» Sociology

 Brief description of your activity focus
The social, economic, cultural and political structures, practices and processes with historical and spatial features of the community and urban life

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Fields of Activity of the Center:
a) To provide consulting to public and private institutions and persons regarding the resources and
methods used in their social, cultural, economic, historical and geographical research across the region
and the city, and in their research across the built environment,
b) To design, develop, implement and evaluate research and implementation projects,
c) To design, develop and implement opinion polls, surveys, statistical and ethnographic field studies on
city regarding the subjects mentioned in the purposes of the Center,
d) To cooperate with national and international public and private institutions and organizations which
are active on issues in the field of interest of the Center, to organize joint research and studies, to
prepare implementation and research projects, to create resources for these projects, to implement
and/ or follow the implementation of projects and to form temporary or permanent study groups and
commissions when required,
e) To publish in Turkey and abroad in accordance with the foundation purpose of the Center and to
support publications produced for this purpose,
f) To establish an undergraduate, Master’s and PhD thesis archive in concern with its foundation
purpose, also to establish a library and a documentation center,
g) To encourage Master’s and PhD studies on the concern of the Center, to cooperate with the Graduate
Schools and Centers of the University so as to launch a program,
h) To organize convention, conference, seminar, symposium and panels at the national and
international level,
i) To plan and implement summer school, course and training programs on urban and local
administrations, give certificate to participants.
j) To organize prize competitions for development and improvement of urban studies,
k) To give report, consultancy and expertise services upon the request of national and international
institutions and real persons in accordance with its foundation purposes,
l) To accept national and foreign researchers who will study on subjects of concern of the Center,
m) To assume research and implementation projects supported by public, local administrations and non-
governmental organizations in Turkey and abroad in accordance with the foundation purpose of the
Center; to participate in joint research projects and cooperate with these organizations,
n) To execute miscellaneous studies in accordance with the foundation purpose of the Center.
 Research Activities

 EU Framework Programme related activities:
» Socio-economic development trajectories
» Demographic changes
» Societal trends and lifestyles
» How indicators are used in policy
» Developing better indicators for policy
» Provision of underlying official statistics
» Use of indicators and related approaches for the evaluation of research policies and programmes
» Wide socio-economic foresight on key challenges

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
Nationally Funded Project: Towards a New Phase in Internal Migration Studies in Turkey:1985-1990,
1995-2000 Migration Flows and Migrant Profiles (2011-2014) ( funded by TUBITAK –The Scientific and
Technological Research Council of Turkey)

The research project aims to test the recent migration theories based on relational approaches with new
methods on Turkey’s internal migration region. To this end, the exploratory studies will be carried out at
interprovincial and eventually at district levels, in order to display, visualize, and map distinctive patterns in
overall flows, similarities and contrasts in the social and economic profiles of migrants, and their modes of
integration to major destinations. The 1985-1990 and 1995-2000 migration data will be extracted from the
Public Use Samples of relevant Census Data. Large-scale inter-provincial migration matrices will be reduced
and reordered through relational stratification technique based on a recently developed conceptual solution
model. It is hoped that the new methodology will be a significant contribution to the relational approaches to
social sciences in general and migration studies in particular.

Nationally Funded Project: Workplaces in Istanbul: continuity and change in metropolitan central
business district in the period 1900-2011 (2011-2014) ( funded by TUBITAK):

The research analyzes the economic landscape of Istanbul in four historiographic periods with adopting a
relational perspective. The research looks in detail the characteristics and activity assemblages of economic
structure of Istanbul, spatial formations of change and transformation, and the effect of these all economic
processes to the formation of the city. The research brings an original and peculiar perspective to the
phenomenon of urban continuity and change. It creates a methodological operational capacity for the use of
categorical data bases which are often considered as problematic areas with regard to context dependency,
historicity, complexity, path dependency, and field analysis in urban planning and urban studies research.

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