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 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Czech Republic10 
 Dominican Republic
 Faroe Islands
 FYROM - Rep. of Macedonia
 Slovak Republic28 
 South Africa11 
 United Kingdom153 
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Centre for Special Lanuage Studies and Terminology (CVC)
Applied Linguistics

 Contact details
Contact personProf. dr. Rita Temmerman
Cordinator CVC research centre EhB-VUB 
StreetPleinlaan 5 
Address B-1050 - Brussels (Belgium) 
Phone32 2 6291110 
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 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)26-50 
Organisation TypeResearch Organisation 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Languages and Linguistics
» Cultural studies
» Other social sciences
» Computer sciences
» Health sciences

 Brief description of your activity focus
Multilingual terminology studies, cognitive analyses of special language discourse, understanding in medical communication, language technology

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Centre for Special Language Studies and Communication (Centrum voor Vaktaal en Communicatie -
CVC) belongs to the Department of Applied Linguistics of Erasmushogeschool Brussel. Our research
focus is on several issues related to the study of special language in general and terminology in
particular, such as:

application-oriented terminology analysis
dynamic, ontologically-underpinned terminological resources (i.e. termontological resources)
multilingual neology creation
terminological variation
terminology and cognition
terminology engineering software (using natural language processing technology)
terminology harmonisation within the EU
understanding terminology in cognitive, linguistic and situational contexts
 Research Activities

 EU Framework Programme related activities:
» Cultural interactions in an international perspective
» Participation and citizenship in Europe

 Project participation
Project #1
Project TypeNational
Project TitleOpen Semantic Cloud for Brussels
Specific Themestructured interlinked information
Project websitehttp://www.oscb.be/
CoordinatorStarLab VUB
Project #2
Project TypeNational
Project TitleIntercultural multilingual communication in Brussels hospitals
Specific Themewriiten and spoken communication in hospitals in mutilingual intercultural Brussels
Project websitehttp://www.babeliris.be/index.php/nl/

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
Current projects

BABELIRIS (2011-2015)
BRIDGE-IT - Be Relevant tot Intercultural Diversity Generation in Europe-Integration Team (510101-LLP-1-2010-1-IT-GRUNDTVIG-GMP) (2010-2013)
EUNoM - European Universities Network on Multilingualism (2009-2012)
OSCB - Open Semantic Cloud for Brussels (2011-2014)
Terminological variation (2008-2012)

Past projects

e-Spices - electronic Social Promotion of Intercultural Communication Expertise and Skills (2008-GRU-LP-PA-159) (2008-2010)
VTMP - Vaktaal en Terminologie in Meertalig Perspectief (2007-2010)
LPT in EU - Live Performance Technics in the European Union (2007-2009)
OASIS - Operational Advanced Support Information System (2007-2008)
OOV 2 - Ontologisch Onderbouwde Vertaalwoordenboeken 2 (2006-2007)
PoCeHRMOM - Project omtrent Competenties en functies in e-HRM voor technologische toepassingen op het Semantisch Web door Ontologie en Meertalige terminologie (2005-2007)
OOV 1 - Ontologisch Onderbouwde Vertaalwoordenboeken 1 (2005-2006)
OMTOFIR - Ontology-based, Multilingual Terminology On Functions In Retailing (2004-2005)
FF POIROT - Financial Fraud Prevention-Oriented Information Resources using Ontology Technology (2002-2005)
OMTFI - Ontologically based Multilingual electonic Terminology for Tax Law (Ontologisch onderbouwde Meertalige elektronische Terminologie over FIscaliteit) (2003-2004)
LOCTERM - Development of a Portal for Localisation and Terminology (2001-2002)
McKnow - Automated and User-Oriented Methods and Algorithms for Knowledge Management (2001-2005)
Haalbaarheidsstudie naar de oprichting van een Masters in Taaltechnologie (2001-2002)

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