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Foundation for the Innovation of the Social Economy (Foundation INNOVES)

 Contact details
Contact personMr Jose Carlos Rodrigo
StreetIvan Pavlov St. 8 BQ 3 BJ C 
Address 29590 - Malaga (Spain) 
EmailShow Email
Social Media+34952028392
 Organisation details
Employees (in Depart.)1-10 
Organisation TypeNon profit 
 Research Focus

 Fields of activities:
» Economics
» Political science
» Other social sciences
» Business and Management
» Education (incl. training, pedagogy, didactics)
» Engineering

 Brief description of your activity focus
Development of innovative projects for the benefits of the Social Economy

 Details about Expertise / Competences / Technologies
Foundation INNOVES belongs to the Confederations of the Social Economy businesses in Andalusia and
stands for more than 8.000 SMEs.
We carry out projects related from the development of the START-UP businesses (Entrepreneurship) to
the consolidation and implementation of the innovation as a way of sustainable development. Our
numerous branches in Andalusia let us work directly with the businesses all over. We can detect the
numerous deficiencies that Social Economy businesses suffer from, in spite of the important task of
employment maintenance and the benefits that produces for society.
Our projects try to research and help Social Economy SMEs in their efficiency and professional
development, equipping them with many tools that ease their work and reducing the dysfunctionalities.
Besides, our wide and multisectorial base of Social Economy businesses let us to prove trial runs of
every research and demonstration activity, having an excellent sample of the spanish Social Economy
 Research Activities

 EU Framework Programme related activities:
» Changing role of knowledge throughout the economy
» Socio-economic development trajectories
» Societal trends and lifestyles

 International and national projects beyond EU Framework Programme
Project Name: Incidence on the employment rates with the new regulation of Social Economy
Function: Analysis in depth about How the new politics of Social Economy affect the Social Economy.
Specific Theme: Labour Reform, Social Economy. Research.
Project Website: www.innoves.es
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES

Project Name: Social Barriers that avoid the Entrepreneurship in the female gender.
Function: Research on what affects the Entrepreneurship in the female gender and why the Social
Economy is more accepted than other mercantil forms.
Specific Theme: Social Economy, Gender Studies, Barriers to Entrepreneurship.
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES.

Project Name: Expertised Assistance for the Innovation of Social Economy SMEs. Trial Runs.
Function: Aid the Social Economy SMEs to deal with usual problems in a new innovative way and through
experts in certains areas of the business. The trial run took place in seven different Social Economy SMEs. This
project improved the efficiency in an average of 32%.
Specific Theme:Social Economy Innovation, Trial Runs,
Project Website: http://asistenciaexperta.innoves.es
Coordinator: Fundacion INNOVES.

Project Name: Development of Innovative Start-ups of Social Economy from universitary ideas.
Function: Development of ideas from all the universities from Andalusia, choosing the best
projects to convert into new businesses. The best projects have an incubation time and we encourage to create a
business through a small contribution per project.
Specific Theme: University, Social Economy Start-ups, Social Economy Innovation.
Project Website: www.elbilleteadecuado.com
Coordinator: Fundacion INNOVES.

Project Name: Creation of a Virtual Purchasing Center for the Social Economy
Function: Creation of a Purchasing Center for the Social Economy, with the objective to reduce the
profits of multinational companies (as the suppliers of the Social Economy SMEs) and improving the efficiency of
the Social Economy SMEs with a collective purchase online. Multisectorial.
Specific Theme: Social Economy, ICT, Collective Purchase.
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES.

Project Name: Foster the Entrepreneurship in the Touristic Social Economy.
Function:(SECTORAL) Creation of collective web-platforms to disseminate the touristic products and services
with a lower cost. Boost the conversion of the marketing cost into Profits for the Social Economy businesses in
the poor rural areas.
Specific Theme: Rural Social Economy, Dissemination
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES

Project Name: Alternatives to the Farming businesses in the Rural Areas.
Function: Develop new Social Economy businesses about emerging technologies with the colaboration of
the Andalusian rural Association.
Specific Theme: Rural Businesses, Social Economy, Emerging Sectors.
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES

Project Name: Creation and Consolidation of Social Economy SMEs in Rural areas.
Function: (SECTORAL): Enhance the competitivity of Social Economy businesses in the rural areas related
to the maintenance of the natural resources and development of the employment and the entrepreneurship.
Specific Theme: Rural Economy, Environmental, Social Economy.
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES

Project Name: Creation of the European Pole for the Social Economy
Function:To promote the Social Economy in Europe through the development of new transnational
sinergies which encourage the social innovation, active citizenship and social entrepreneurship among young
Specific Theme: European Social Economy,
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES

Project Name: Access to Funding for the Social Economy Bureau.
Function: Guidance and advising service for access to funding (public and private) to Social Economy
Specific Theme: Funding Access, Social Economy.
Coordinator: Fundacion INNOVES

Project Name: Support to the Cooperation in the Social Economy
Function:: To consolidate and materialize inter-cooperation measures to strengthen the productive
sector of the Social Economy sector in Andalusia.
Specific Theme: Intercooperation, Social Economy
Coordinator: Fundación INNOVES

Project Name: Mobility and Teleworking plattform
Function:Platform that offers employees of the Social Economy businesses work from anywhere using a
wlan or 3G connection.
Specific Theme: Social Innovation, Social Economy.
Coordinator: Fundacion INNOVES

Project Name: Strategy for the Innovation of the Social Economy
Function: Develop a guidance to join the Social Economy businesses to a feasible plan through the
Specific Theme: Studies, Social Economy.
Coordinator: Fundacion INNOVES

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