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OrganisationSYNYO GmbH




27 Dec 2017


27 Jun 2018

Project Title

Expert Partner for Europe in a changeing world & SwafS-topics


SYNYO GmbH is a global-acting enterprise focusing on research, innovation and technology located in Vienna,
Austria. SYNYO explores, develops and implements novel methods, approaches, technologies and solutions in
various domains tackling societal, political, ecological and economical challenges. Analysing the impact of
emerging technologies from an interdisciplinary perspective SYNYO has a multi-angled view on diverse topics.
The SYNYO team consists of 30 high-skilled employees specialized in various scientific and technical fields like
Social Sciences, Safety & Security, Energy & Sustainability, Urban Future, Smart Technologies, Smart Health, or
Digital Systems. Working on national and international projects, till now SYNYO has been involved in various
European research projects and has showed strong management capabilities as coordinator of three FP7, two
AAL, one JPI Urban Europe and four five H2020 projects, resulting in a unique project collaboration tool
(Collabto) and a smart research project management methodology (SPIRITS). Within all projects the
interdisciplinary team of SYNYO is taking over roles along the whole project lifecycle including basic
investigations, requirements analyses, concept designs, implementations, development, piloting, validations as
well as research dissemination, communication and exploitation tasks. SYNYO is well connected within the
scientific community and will provide own research and innovation network platforms in near future. In 2015 and
2016, SYNYO was among the Top 3 most successful research-oriented SMEs in Austria (H2020 Performance Monitor
by FFG-the Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

Expertise sought/offered

The interdisciplinary team at SYNYO takes over roles along the whole project lifecycle including basic
investigations, requirements analyses, concept designs, implementations, validations as well as research
dissemination, communication and exploitation of results.

• Big Data Analytics & Information Visualisation
SYNYO specializes in the design and implementation of interactive platforms that aggregate big and openly
available data from various disciplines and sources. With vast expertise in informatics and data structures,
SYNYO delivers sophisticated data analytical tools using high end technologies (e.g. Hadoop, Hbase) for
researchers, businesses, policy makers and society as a whole. SYNYO highlights the use of creative and intuitive
visualisations of content analytics for decision support.
• Social Software & Smart Applications
In general SYNYO is experienced in the implementation of novel social software solutions and Smart Web
Applications using the newest frameworks (Yii, Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Django) as well as mobile apps (iOS &
Android) with a focus on responsive design and high user experience. Besides the development of customized
applications completely from scratch, we also customise established CMS solutions to the specific needs of our
• Interdisciplinary Research and Tech-based Analyses
SYNYO is involved in research tasks like stakeholder studies, structured surveys, best practice studies,
requirement analyses or sociotechnical evaluations throughout various projects and has proficiencies in
qualitative and qualitative research methods. SYNYO hosts its own research tools to generate structured online
questionnaires to run complex surveys for research projects.
• Dissemination Planning & Execution
SYNYO offers the setup of websites, the creation of newsletters, factsheets, policy briefs, or user manuals.
Additionally, the setup and maintenance of social media appearances are crucial for a successful knowledge
transfer within your initiative. These activities aim at an implementation according to the strategy defined in
your project.
• Strong Networking Partner
The presence of SYNYO in several national and international projects as project coordinator or project partner
illustrates clearly the well-established connections of the company.

Tasks offered/requested

* Conduct surveys
* Dissemination/communication activities
* Organise/host training
* Quality management
* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Develop an ICT application
* Other

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