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OrganisationLudwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft - Institute of Human Rights




15 Dec 2017


13 Mar 2018

Project Title

MIGRATION-02-2018: Towards forward-looking migration governance


The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM, http://bim.lbg.ac.at/en), located in Austria, is looking for a Coordinating organisation resp. call MIGRATION-02-2018: “Towards forward-looking migration governance: addressing the challenges, assessing capacities and designing future strategies.”

We have profound expertise in and could contribute with regard to assessing the role of international aid, development agencies and regional policies: we think that here the Enlargement Policy and European Neighbourhood Policy as regional policies and the relevant EU external assistance instruments should be addressed, too, as they help to shape the migration governance (e.g. through activities in the area of justice and home affairs (see esp. acquis chapter 24 of accession negotiations), border management requirements, visa liberalisation dialogues, readmission agreements, etc.).

The same applies, of course, to EU development policy. BIM has profound expertise on a human rights approach to development, and on the operationalisation of a number of SDGs. For example, BIM has been working on SDG 10 (inequalities) which is of key importance for this call, as well as on SDG 8 (inclusive and sustainable economic growth, including decent work) and 13 (climate change).

Also, we could try to activate partners in the Balkan region and as well as in Turkey.

Expertise sought/offered

We are looking for a coordinating organisation/consortium we could contribute with above mentioned expertise.

Tasks offered/requested

* Project management (as Work Package leader / Task leader)
* Other

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